Having recently celebrated our 28th anniversary, we can't quite be considered a youngster among all the bars and restaurants in the Neustadt anymore. The wild times during the 90’s and early 2000’s are over, having left savage memories but tamed hearts.
Today our aim is to create an atmosphere for you to relax in. Be it in our 1st floor restaurant, in the cozy basement or in our peaceful backyard – you’ll certainly find a comfortable place.
We are there for you almost around the clock: for breakfast, lunch, dinner or maybe just a nightcap. The restaurant is open every day of the week from 7:30 a.m., there is a breakfast buffet for you until 11 a.m. and from that time we serve warm food.
In our menu you will find regional and organic products. We receive coffee from the “Kaffeerösterei” here in Dresden and tea from the little “Teezeit” shop just down the street.

Summer Drinks at the PlanWirtschaft

The warm season is upon us once again and, sooner than expected, summer is approaching quickly. Wearing shorts and sunglasses we roamed markets and consulted ancient cookbooks to find the right ingredients for your seasonal pleasure here at the PlanWirtschaft. The result made us giggle with happiness (probably because it also made us quite a bit tipsy) and we're hoping to have found the right selection of summer drinks for you. Enjoy your personal favorite drink and have a good time.

“Orchards are the German rain forests.”
It is OstMost’s philosophical goal to reinstate orchard meadows on German maps by making these delicious ciders:

Owl Cider mild 3,5 % 0,33l   3,90 €
Fox Cider wild 5,5 % 0,33l   3,90 €
Apple – Beetroot Spritzer 0,33l   3,80 €
 If you like Beetroot you will love this drink. A new way of enjoying this delicious winter vegetable.
Blueberry - Mojito – non - alcoholic  4,90 €
We believe that this classic drink doesn’t necessarily need alcohol – enjoy this virgin long drink on a hot summer day and drive home safe.
Rosie’s Marble  5,90 €
Gin meets rhubarb juice and transforms into a delicious summer long drink for very long nights.
Believe us – we’ve tried...
Goldengel Summer Splash  5,90 €
Goldengel (Golden Angel) liqueur with sage and elderberry is the basis for this interpretation of the famous long drink “Hugo”. We add mint, lime, sparkling wine and water for a fresh drink.
Espresso Martini  6,50 €
Don’t be confused, there is literally no Martini in this drink. Just Kahlua ... and Vodka ... and Espresso.
Watch out for this great pick-me-up!
Brockman’s Gin with Dry Tonic  9,80 €
A very fine new Gin, tender and fruity, served with extra dry Tonic and garnished with blueberries. This drink will bamboozle your taste buds.
Glitter Schnapps 4cl   3,50 €
The wood fairy has brought you glitter Schnapps! Choose between passion fruit, blackberry and rhubarb.
Filled up with sparkling wine on demand  5,50 €


Specials and Events

Schnitzel Special
Reduced price for Schnitzel

Family Special

Reduced prices for kids up to 10 years of age* 

Beer Special

Reduced prices on bottled and large draught beers in our cellar vault

*purchase of a full price meal by another person provided

Last but not least

All meals are prepared by our kitchen. We therefore kindly ask you to be patient with our thorough and creative kitchen staff, especially on the weekends. Now please enjoy your meals, tip your waiters (we’ll probably just spend it all on booze after work – but do it anyway ;), recommend us and, hopefully, come back with your entire family.

Opening hours

Monday through Sunday from 7:30am till late night

Hot dishes Monday through Thursday from 11am till 10pm
Friday from 11am till 11pm
Saturday from 3pm till 11pm
Sunday from 3pm till 9pm

Breakfast Buffet

Monday through Friday from 7:30am till 11am.

On weekends from 10:15am till 2:00pm.

Reservations at the weekends can only be made for 10:15am and later.

During our breakfast buffet we don't serve lunch.

Beer Garden

On sunny days we’re glad to serve you outside on our patio.

More sources of supply

- Landhandel Uwe Hauffen (eggs)

- Egbert Thierse from Arnsdorf (butchery)

- Ziegenhof Lauterbach in Stolpen (goat cheese)

- Fleischerei Dürrröhrsdorf (butchery)