As we are about to celebrate our 27th anniversary we surely no longer belong to the youngest among all other bars in our neighborhood. The wild days when you had to have special contacts to be granted access in order to get drunk are long gone.
Our intention today is to create an atmosphere that allows you to put your daily grind on hold. You’ll surely find a cozy corner, whether in our cafe, in the rustic cellar vault or on our patio.
No matter if you want to have breakfast with your loved ones, a hearty lunch, a romantic dinner or if you just come in for a drink, we are here for you, almost around the clock: We start serving breakfast at 7:30am and we only make our last call late at night.

We’re offering a daily breakfast buffet till 11am (2:30pm weekends) and hot dishes from 11am.

In our menu you’ll find mostly regional products and organic when possible. Our coffee is being provided by the Dresden Coffee Roastery (Dresdener Kaffeerösterei), our tea bought at "Dresdner Tea Time" (Dresdner Teezeit) on Louisenstraße next door.

Summer Drinks

Twice a year we sit down together and try to find (or mix) our new favorite drinks. This summer the most charming boys of “Kopfnuss” and the crazy “Soul Soda” team have made it on our menu. We are also pleased to announce that we continue to serve beer from the “Spent Brewers Collective” and schnapps by “Kreuzritter”. We hope you enjoy the drinks as much as we do.


“Kopfnuss” has created a coconut water lemonade which is an absolute refreshment for the summer. You may choose between two flavors:

Black Currant – Lemon 0,33l   3,50 €
Passion Fruit – Lemon 0,33l   3,50 €

“Soul Soda” offers lemonade for grown-ups – with lots of caffeine. An absolute alternative to “Mate” or other energy drinks. They come in two flavors:

Violet Lemonade 0,33l   3,50 €
Lime – Mint 0,33l   3,50 €

The boys from the “Spent Brewers Collective“ came up with a Pilsener that is absolutely smooth and pleasant to the taste. Just like our famous “Red Oat Ale” brewed with a lot of passion and heart.

Plörre deluxe (bottled) 0,33l   2,80 €

For all you drivers out there: a non-alcoholic long drink:

Rosie’s Lemonade 0,3l   4,20 €
Lime – mint lemonade with orange juice and rosemary

Our alcoholic summer drinks for this year:

Goldengel Summer Splash 0,25l   5,90 €
Our very own interpretation of „Hugo”.
(Goldengel liqueur, sparkling wine, water, mint)

Gin Rouge Tonic with red gin by „Kreuzritter“
0,25l   6,50 €
Red wine is added to create this very fine gin.

Soul Mojito
0,25l   6,20 €
Rum meets Soul Soda’s Lime – Mint Lemonade.

Violet Vodka
0,25l   6,20 €
Our favorite vodka on a date with the violet lemonade.

0,25l   5,90 €
The favorite drink of our favorite Ukrainian waitress Anastasiia!


Specials and Events

Schnitzel Special
Reduced price for Schnitzel

Family Special

Reduced prices for kids up to 10 years of age* 

Beer Special

Reduced prices on bottled and large draught beers in our cellar vault

*purchase of a full price meal by another person provided

Last but not least

We prepare our own foods. So we kindly ask for your patience.

Enjoy your meal, tip well (we’ll carry your tab to the next bar afterhours). Recommend us to your friends and always come back!

Opening hours

Monday through Sunday from 7:30am till late night

Hot dishes Sunday through Thursday from 11am till 10pm

and Friday and Saturday from 11am till 11pm.


Breakfast Buffet

Monday through Friday from 7:30am till 11am.

At the weekends from 10:15am till 2:30pm.

Reservations at the weekends can only be made for 10am and later.

Beer Garden

On sunny days we’re glad to serve you outside on our patio.

More sources of supply

- Landhandel Uwe Hauffen (eggs, onions, potatoes)

- Landfleischerei Thierse(meat products)

- Dresdner Kaffeerösterei(coffee)

- Lauterbacher Ziegenkäse(goat cheese)

- Dürrröhrsdorfer Fleisch – und Wurstwaren GmbH (meat products)

- Nepple Eis (ice cream)