Ragout Fin 8,90
gratinated with cheese | lemon quarters | toast  
GDR Soljanka cup 8,60
deep plate 16,60
venison sausage | paprika | garlic sour cream | bread  

Main Courses

Another typically German dish: thinned pork meat, coated in breadcrumbs and pan-fried. Served with potato salad and green salade, lemon  
Tomato Pasta 15,80
pasta | fried mortadella | tomato sauce | butter cheese  
Baked cauliflower in beer batter -vegan- 18,90
Potato salad |garlic sour cream | tomato dip  
Grilled „Tafelspitz“ (Silverside rump cut) 21,80
Lime-Chili hollondaise| potato wedges  
Minced Beef Stew 19,80
Paprika | eggplant | Zucchini  
Das Schweineschnitzel – Escalope from the pork 20,80

Seasonal Dishes

Sweetpotato peanut soup- vegan 8,20
herbal oil | roasted bread  
Green Salad with vinaigrette 8,20
homemade bread  
Ratatouille with grilled green asparagus - vegan 20,80
lemonpolenta | garlic soure cream  
Risotto 18,60
Brown mushroom | suger snap| Eggplant |confit tomatos
g j l
Cabbage pasta withe pork meat cracker and butter cheese 16,20
Vegetarian option 14,20
Braised peppers fillted with beef and pork meat  
bulgursalad| Minte | green cucumber | green salad 19,60
Fried cod fillet 23,40
Ratatouille | lemonpolenta | garlic soure creme  
Cheescake | rhubarb compote | raspberry sorbet 10,80