Hot Beverages

Espresso 2,30
Espresso Macchiato 2,80
Espresso Double Shot 3,50
Cafè Crema regular 2,40
Cafè Crema large 3,90
Cappuccino 3,10
Café au Lait 3,40
Macchiato 3,40
Macchiato – Double Shot 3,90
Hot Cocoa 3,10
Hot Cocoa with Whipped Cream 3,60


Cup  2,70 €         Pot  4,50 €         2. Infusion  0,90 €         ** without caffein

1 Frühstückskräuter (Herbal Breakfast Tea)
strawberry leaves, blackberry leaves, raspberry leaves, rose hip, calendula lossom, mountain everlasting, mallow blossom, larkspur blossom
2 Beerenkräuter** (Berries and Herbs)
lemongras, hibiscus flower, chamomile, elderberry flower, cactus flower, spearmint, licirice, red currant, ginger, aroma
3 Der kleine Prinz** (The Little Prince)
apple, hibiscus flower, rose hip, grapes, chamomile, strawberry, aroma
4 Apfel-Zitronen-Tee** (Apple-Lemon-Tea)
hibiscus flower, rose hip, apple, lemon, vanilla, natural falvouring
5 BIO - Darjeeling "Singell" FTGFOPI second flush (Organic Darjeeling)
clear, full-bodied, flowery
6 Assam Malty "Herrentee" (Gentlemen-Tea)
malty and strong
7 BIO - Japan Ban Cha (Organic Green Tea)
light green tea, little caffeine, plenty of calcium
8 Morgenzauber (Morning Glamour)
japanese SenCha with sunflower petals, rose petals, bluebottle petals, fruity taste
9 Orangenblüten Oolong (Orange Blossom)
half-fermented tea with orange blossom flavour
10 Pfefferminzblätter (Peppermint)
refreshing classic
11 Chamomile
A home remedy

Draft Beer

  0,2 l 0,4 l Pint
Plane Kellerbier 2,40 3,60  
a regional beer specialty; the term Kellerbier literally translates as „cellar beer“; unfiltered lager      
Rechenberger Pilsner 2,40 3,60  
regional, pale lager from Rechenberg-Bienenmühle, among the most famous attractions of the place is the Saxon Brewery Museum      
Rechenberger Dunkel 2,40 3,60  
regional, black beer      
Red Oat Ale 2,40 3,90 4,90
(Amber Ale Beer from Berlin)      
Plane Stout 2,40 3,90 4,90
(dry stout from saxony)      
Trachenower Helles 2,40 3,60  
Radler 2,40 3,60  
half-and-half made of Pilsner beer and lemon soda      
Cola - Bier 2,40 3,60  
half-and-half made of Pilsner beer and coke      

Bottled Beer

bottle 0,33 l 0,5 l
Vollbier - GDR-Style-Pilsner 2,50  
regional, an old-fashioned GDR-style recipe; brewed in Hartmannsdorf, quite palatable    
1312 Kollektivbier, Sabotage Pils   3,40
unfiltered, vegan, from Berlin    
Specht Pilsner   3,40
regional, Pilsner from Ehrenfriedersdorf, Erzgebirge; private brewery; family business    
Schwarzer Specht   3,40
regional, dark lager; btw, Specht literally translates into woodpecker    
Pilsner Urquell   3,40
a lager brewed in Plzen, now in the Czech Republic, the world's first pilsner beer    
Radeberger Pilsner   3,50
regional, pale lager from Radeberg, in the vicinity of Dresden, one of the most popular beers in the world    
Erdinger Hefeweizen Urweiße   3,50
golden cloudy wheat beer    
Erdinger Hefeweizen dunkel   3,50
dark wheat from Erding    
Erdinger Hefeweizen Kristallweizen   3,50
filtered wheat beer    
Erdinger Hefeweizen alkoholfrei   3,50
nonalcoholic wheat beer    
Jever Fun 2,60  
nonalcoholic Frisian beer    

Juice and Nectar

  0,2 l 0,4 l
apple, orange, banana, cherry, mango, black currant, rhurbarb, spritzer 2,70 3,90

Sparkling Wine, Cider & Cidre

  0,1 l 0,2 l 0,568 l 0,75 l
Prosecco DOC Treviso 2,90     18,90
Italian white sparkling wine        
Cidre Poire   3,90   12,40
Magners Cider     5,90  

White Wine

  0,2 l 0,75 l
House Wine / Spritzer 3,80  
Yellow Muscatel, QbA, sweet 5,80 19,90
Vineyard Estelmann, Palatine    
Goldriesling QbA, dry 5,80 19,90
Vineyard Loose, Saxony    
Riesling, dry 5,80 19,90
Domain Paul Blanck, Alsace    
Scheurebe, dry 5,80 19,90
Vineyard Stahl, Franconia    
Gray Burgundy, bitter-sweet 5,80 19,90
Vintage wine
Vineyard Loose, Niederau, Saxony
Cabernet Blanc, QbA, dry 5,80 19,90
Vineyard Peter Stapf, Palatine    
Chardonnay, dry 5,80 19,90
Vineyard Enate, Spain    
Müller-Thurgau, dry 5,80 23,50
Vineyard Loose, Niederau, Saxony   (1 liter)

Rosé Wine

  0,2 l 0,75 l
Rosé 5,80 19,90
Winery Peter Stapf, Palatinate    
Der Kneisel 5,80 23,50
Winery Kneisel, Palatinate   (1 liter)

Red Wine

  0,2 l 0,75 l
Bodegas Viña Puebla, Spain    
House Wine / Spritzer 3,80  
Epico Tempranillo, dry 5,80 19,90
Dominio Eguren, Spain    
Mavrud „Premium Reserve“, dry 5,80 19,90
Winery Zagreus, Southern Bulgaria    
Kaiken Malbec Reserva, dry 5,80 19,90
Aurelio Montes, Argentina    
Pino Doncel 12 meses, dry 5,80 19,90
Niepoort Vinos, Portugal    
Viña Puebla Seleccion, dry 5,80 19,90


  4 cl
1903 Kräuterlikör 3,20
cordial made from herbs  
Ramazzotti 3,20
Italian bitter  
Jägermeister 3,20
German digestif made with herbs and spices  
Becherovka 3,20
herbal bitter from Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic  
Radeberger Bitter 3,20
herbal bitter from Radeberg  
Kreuzritter 4,20
58 herbs, highly concentrated  


  2 cl
Meissner Himbeergeist Prinz zur Lippe 3,50
raspberry-flavoured spirit  
Meissner Schlehengeist Prinz zur Lippe 3,50
spirit made from blackthorn  
Meissner Williamsbirnenbrand Prinz zur Lippe 3,50
brandy made from pears  
  4 cl
Barack Palinka 3,30
brandy made from apricots  


  4 cl
Tanqueray Gin 3,90
Tanqueray Rangpur 5,70
Madame Geneva Gin Blanc 5,80
Madame Geneva Gin Rouge 5,80


  4 cl
Olmeca Tequila Blanco 4,10
Olmeca Tequila Reposado 4,10


  4 cl
Absolut Vodka 3,20
Grasovka 3,20
Bison Grass Vodka  
Stolichnaya 3,20


  4 cl
Havanna Club 7 Jahre 4,50
Stroh 80 4,90
Malteco 6,20
from Guatemala  
Dictador 10,30
from Columbia  
Ron Zacapa 11,40
from Guatemala  

Anise Liqueur

Pernod and Water 4,80

Grape-Based Brandy

  4 cl
Grappa Nonino il Chardonnay 6,00
Grappa Nonino il Merlot 6,00


  2 cl
Advocaat 2,50
similar to eggnog, served in a wafer cup  
  4 cl
Peppermint Liqueur 3,10
Amaretto 3,10
Berliner Luft 3,10
clear premium peppermint liqueur  
Baileys 3,10
Southern Comfort 3,10
Cointreau 3,30
Herzdame 6,10
Liqueur made from blackberry, elderberry and blackthorn  
Gold Engel 4,50
Liqueur made from the extract of elderflower and sage  


  4 cl
Der Blanke Hans 2,90
spirit made from wheat  
Nordhäuser Doppelkorn 2,90


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Additional Treats

  4 cl
Sambuca 3,10
anise flavored liqueur  
Malteser Aquavit 3,60
flavored spirit  
Wilthener Weinbrand 4,80
brandywine GDR-style  
Calvados 5,80
apple brandy  


5 cl
Tanqueray Gin Tonic 5,90
Tanqueray Rangpur Gin Tonic 6,50
Havana Club Rum Coke 5,90
Jim Beam Coke 5,90
Vodka Tonic/Lemon/Cola 5,90
Campari Orange/Soda 5,90
Southern Ginger 5,90
Grüne Wiese 5,90
sparkling wine, orange juice, blue curaçao  
Tequila Lemon/Sunrise 5,90
Cherry Amaretto 5,90
Plane Moscow Mule 5,90
Vodka, Spicy Ginger, Lime Juice and cucumber  
Aperol Spritz 5,90
Italian Style Drink; Aperol, sparkling white wine, soda, a slice of orange  
Cuba Libre 6,40

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