Spent Brewers Collective

The Spent Brewers Collective is a worker-owned and -run brewery based in Berlin, Germany. Our goal is to produce high-quality beers and beverages, eventually in a brewery of our own, and as a new-wave cooperative further the project of creating a more just society. Until we achieve the necessary capital to build our own brewery, we continue contract brewing and bottleing in other independent microbreweries, hence offering our products locally, mostly in and around Berlin.

Support our cause!

Hostel Louise20 Hostel Dresden

The friendly hostel in the hippest neighborhood in town. If you’re planning on having a bigger party, be welcome to stay with us, as we are to be found right above the restaurant PlanWirtschaft. The shortest way from bar to bed.

Butcher‘s Shop Creutz

Our provider of meat products. To be found right across the street. Quickest delivery, best meat from our region and, of course, always fresh.

Dresden Coffee

We chose the most popular coffee roastery in Dresden to be our supplier in terms of caffeine. Single origin coffee gently roasted.

Goat Farm Lauterbach

The goat farm in Lauterbach is a family business with about a hundred goats to milk. In the cheese dairy that is part of the premises the goat milk is being processed into most delicious cheese. This can also be found on our menu. The family seeks to farm with possibly closed nutrient cycles. They do completely without chemical fertilizers and pesticides in order to guarantee an organic product.


Also a family business dedicated to the processing of meat and sausage products and another supplier of ours. The butcher’s shop is situated in Dürrröhrsdorf in Saxon Switzerland.