Meals served Monday through Sunday starting at 11am



Russian Solyanka 4,90
Spicy East European Stew. An absolute classic on any GDR menu. Very nutritious and garnished with sour cream.  
Savoy Cabbage Stew with Roquefort Bread 4,80
A clear vegetarian stew with plenty of winter vegetables.
Served with a side of Roquefort cheese bread, this makes a hearty starter.
Fish Solyanka 5,90
We were able to avoid the meat, but couldn't resist the fish. The maritime version of our famous Russian Solyanka. This savory soup is served with a scoop of sour cream and a lemon wedge.  


Ragout Fin 5,60
Chicken purée in a delicate Béchamel sauce, covered with melted cheese. Served with a slice of lemon and toast. For the ultimate taste sensation add Dresden Style Worcestershire Sauce.  
Homemade Egg Salad on Bread 5,30
Our legendary egg salad, served on home-baked tomato bread. Completed only by sour pickles, chive and a lot of love from the kitchen.  
Blue-Mould Cheese – Apple Spread, Small Wild Boar Head Cheese, Boletus Mushroom Crème 6,70 (all 3)
3,20 (just 1)
A little something to quench your appetite. Homemade spreads on home-baked bread.
Don't miss out on this treat!


Small Salad 6,40
Seasonal vegetables and lettuce.  
Side Salad 4,20
Get your greens at every meal with this delicious salad side dish.  
Our salads are prepared with a homemade, vegan, gluten-free violet carrot dressing. Alternatively, you may substitute that simply with oil and vinaigrette. All salads are served with bread.  

Main Courses

Tomato Spaghetti with Diced Sausage and Grated Cheese 8,70
This is a delicacy from GDR times. The succulent lean beef sausage used for this dish consists of pork, garlic, mustard seed, nutmeg, cardamom and water. The fresh taste of tomatoes and fried sausage on pasta, combined with our homely atmosphere, makes this an unforgettable meal. Grated cheese served on top.  
Farmer's Breakfast 10,30
A three-egg omelet filled with fried potatoes, diced sausage and ham. Naturally accompanied by pickles. Vegetarian option available.  
Homemade Wild Boar Head Cheese with Fried Potatoes
and Juniper Rémoulade
Some foods get a bad rep based on their name alone and head cheese has got to be one of the foods hit hardest by this phenomenon. Head cheese is not a dairy cheese, but a cold cut of meat jelly that we prepare with wild boar (no parts of a head involved). A real treat.  
Schnitzel 12,80
Another typical dish of our home country: Thinned pork meat coated in breadcrumbs and pan-fried. Served with fried potatoes and a slice of lime.  
"Braumeister" Steak 16,90
A very fine beef steak, marinated in our famous Red Oat Ale, grilled to add a crust of brewing malt, herbs and mustard. An absolutely delicious steak served with a blackberry sauce and pumpkin-Brussels' sprouts vegetables.  
Venison "Sauerbraten" 17,80
Sauerbraten is a pot roast that has to be marinated in wine and vinegar for at least one week in order to give it its characteristic acidity. Served in a red wine sauce, apricot-red cabbage and homemade dumplings. A very fine and tender piece of meat that is, against Saxon traditions, served without raisins.  
Calf Rib Eye Steak 18,60
This steak, grilled to your liking, is served with tender chard and our delicious garlic-parmesan mashed potatoes.  

Vegetarian Dishes

Fried Potatoes and Sunny Side Up Eggs 7,90
Simple and tasty.  
Buckwheat-Hemp Risotto 10,50
We create a new risotto each season, this year: buckwheat. Served with yellow beetroot and marinated cherry tomatoes.  
Potato Goulash 10,70
A very savoury vegetarian dish with plenty of vegetables. This goulash features pan-fried mushrooms and caramelised walnuts. A vegan and gluten-free indulgence.  
Savoy Cabbage Roulade 11,20
Stuffed with a potato-hazelnut-roquefort puree and arranged on a delicious beetroot ragout.  


Salmon Trout-Savoy Cabbage-Rolls 13,50
Served on kohlrabi vegetables with a hint of vanilla-honey-flavour and our mashed potatoes…unbeatable.  
Catch of the Day 14,30
Absolutely crazy – to be more sustainable we don’t specify this dish. The fish dances with butter in the pan, then we add buckwheat-hemp-risotto and a yellow and red beet-ragout. So ask our waiter which fish we bought or let it be a surprise.  

Homemade Desserts

Ofenschlupfer 5,10
Ofenschlupfer is a sort of bread pudding, an ancient Alemannic treat, sometimes referred to as funeral pyre. We add apples, almonds, raisins and cinnamon and serve it with a homemade grapefruit-vanilla sauce.  
Chocolate Tartlet 4,90
With a homemade pear-Riesling compote. Treat yourself!  

We provide more choices on our daily menu!
All our dishes are being freshly prepared in our kitchen.
Food is served till 10pm from Sunday through Thursday and till 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays.
Our prices include 19% sales tax.
Tips are not included in our prices.
Half portions are being charged ¾ of the original price.
For a change of sides you will be charges 1€.
Bon Appetite!