Russian Solyanka 5,90
Spicy East European Stew. An absolute classic on any GDR menu. Very rich soup garnished with sour cream.  
Cold Vegetable Stew with Homemade Bread 5,60
Tomatoes, cucumber and peppers combined in a cold stew. We add cucumber relish, horse radish and a homemade parsley pesto to complete your favorite summer soup.  


Ragout Fin 6,10
Chicken purée in a delicate Béchamel sauce, covered with melted cheese. Served with a slice of lemon and toast.
For the ultimate taste sensation add Dresden Style Worcestershire Sauce.
Sausage Salad “Saxony Style” 7,40
Made from bologna sausage, cheese, olive oil and vinegar. A perfect non-vegetarian "salad” for a little appetite on a hot summer’s day.
Served with fresh bread and butter.
German Antipasti 8,90
With horse radish, red cabbage, confit tomatoes. We add our homemade parsley Pesto and Aioli to round off a perfect starter.
Served with homemade bread.


Small Salad 6,40
Seasonal vegetables and lettuce.  
Side Salad 4,20
Get your greens at every meal with this delicious salad side dish.  
Large Garden Salad 17,50
With fresh lettuce and wild herbs.
Optional with:
- Lamb Steak
- grilled goat cheese with tomato chutney

Our salads are prepared with a homemade citrus dressing. Alternatively, you may substitute that simply with oil and vinaigrette. All salads, except the side salad, are served with bread.

Main Courses

Tomato Spaghetti with Diced Sausage and Grated Cheese 9,70
This is a delicacy from GDR times. The succulent lean beef sausage used for this dish consists of pork, garlic, mustard seed, nutmeg, cardamom and water. The fresh taste of tomatoes and fried sausage on pasta, combined with our homely atmosphere, makes this an unforgettable meal. Grated cheese served on top.
A vegetarian option is available.
Farmer's Breakfast 11,30
An omelet made from eggs, filled with fried potatoes, diced sausage and ham.
Naturally accompanied by pickles. Vegetarian option available.
Schnitzel 13,80
Another typically German dish: Thinned pork meat, coated in breadcrumbs and pan-fried. Served with our homemade potato- cucumber salad.
Our summer version of this classic.
Homemade Boiled Beef Head Cheese 11,40
Some foods get a bad rep based on their name alone and head cheese has got to be one of the foods hit hardest by this phenomenon. Head cheese is not a dairy cheese, but a cold cut of meat jelly that we prepare with prime boiled beef. A real treat accompanied by a homemade sauce (yoghurt, onions, apple, pickles), tender onion rings and fried potatoes.  
Lamb Rump Steak 18,60
Sous-vide cooked and served medium or well done. With a fresh turnip salad, fried potatoes and our parsley pesto.  
Wild Boar Rips 18,90
The wild option on our summer menu. With a fine BBQ sauce and mashed potatoes. The rips are marinated for several days, then grilled to ensure perfect tenderness for your pleasure.  

Vegetarian Dishes

Fried Potatoes and Sunny Side Up Eggs 8,90
Simple and tasty!  
Schnitzel’s Vegetarian Sister 11,80
Slice of bread, wrapped in Obazda (southern cheese) and pan-fried. This crispy dish is served with an egg sunny side up on top and our famous Potato – cucumber salad. A real treat even for meat eaters, or meaters.  
“Maultaschen” with Vegetable Filling 12,60
Homemade “Maultaschen”, or pasta squares/ pockets filled with champignons, Ricotta cheese, tomato and basil. Pan-fried with onions and served with fresh salad.  
Grilled Corn Cobs - vegan 13,40
The cobs are marinated and grilled. Served with salad, an oven-baked sweet potato and vegan mayonnaise.  


Filet of Pickled Herring (served cold) 12,30
Gently marinated herring, with a homemade sauce (yoghurt, onions, apple, pickles) and fried potatoes.  
Fish of the Day  
In order to adjust our menu according to season and to keep it somewhat sustainable we have decided to move this dish to our daily menu. Ask your waiter whether we’ve caught anything for you today.  

Homemade Desserts

Strawberry Assam Pepper Sorbet 6,20
The favorite dessert of our chefs, homemade, with a grilled Vanilla- Peach ragout.  
Eierschecke (Dresden Cheese Cake) à la Clärchen 6,20
Served with a homemade coffee parfait. That is all you need!  

We provide more choices on our daily menu!
All our dishes are being freshly prepared in our kitchen.
Our prices include 19% sales tax. Tips are not included in our prices.
Half portions are being charged ¾ of the original price.
For the change of sides you will be charged 1€.
Bon Appetite!