Fried Potatoes and Sunny Side Up Eggs 8,90
Simple and tasty!  
Schnitzel’s Vegetarian Sister 11,80
Slice of bread, wrapped in Obazda (southern cheese) and pan-fried. This crispy dish is served with an egg sunny side up on top and our famous potato – cucumber salad. A real treat even for meat eaters, or meaters.  
“Maultaschen” with Vegetable Filling 12,60
Homemade “Maultaschen”, or pasta squares/ pockets filled with champignons, Ricotta cheese, tomato and basil. Pan-fried with onions and served with fresh salad.  
Grilled Corn Cobs - vegan 13,40
The cobs are marinated and grilled. Served with salad, an oven-baked sweet potato and vegan mayonnaise.  

We provide more choices on our daily menu!
All our dishes are being freshly prepared in our kitchen.
Our prices include 19% sales tax. Tips are not included in our prices.
Half portions are being charged ¾ of the original price.
For a change of sides you will be charged 1€.
Bon Appetite!