Meals served Monday through Friday starting at 11:30 am.

Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays starting at 4 pm.



Fried Potatoes and Sunny Side Up Eggs 8,90
Simple and tasty!  
Homemade Egg Head Cheese with Fried Potatoes 10,50
A daring reminiscence of the olden days!
A vegetarian head cheese (cold) with eggs, pickle, carrots and onions. Served with
a horseradish – vodka rémoulade and crispy fried potatoes.
Mushroom Goulash - vegan 13,70
A savory treat without meat but a lot of seasonal veggies and potatoes.
We made it, tried it, … and wanted more!
Red Cabbage Slice – gluten free 12,60
A spiced, roasted and baked crescent of red cabbage served with mashed potatoes
and an orange – red cabbage sauce.
Potato-Pumpkin-Risotto 13,20
We create a new risotto each season, this time: potato!
Refined with pumpkin, pumpkin seeds and marinated cherry tomatoes.

We provide more choices on our daily menu!
All our dishes are being freshly prepared in our kitchen.
Food is served till 10pm from Sunday through Thursday and till 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays.
Our prices include 19% sales tax.
Tips are not included in our prices.
Half portions are being charged ¾ of the original price.
For a change of sides you will be charged 1€.
Bon Appetite!